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I found an animal in Bastrop County – what can I do?

  • You can place a notice at the Bastrop County Animal Shelter, on the Facebook Group “Bastrop Lost and Found Pets”, on the website, and on the website, at no charge.  We suggest placing flyers around the area where the animal was found, as they may not have wandered far from home.
  • Stray dog or cat (friendly):  If you can capture the animal, you can take it to the Bastrop County Animal Shelter, where it will be scanned for a microchip to identify the owner.  Before you do that, keep an eye out for “Lost Pet” advertisements online or in your neighborhood. You can also ask a local veterinarian to scan the animal for a microchip.
  • Stray dog or cat (potentially dangerous): call county Animal Control.
  • Community or feral cat: Bastrop C.A.T.S. may be able to help with spay/neuter
  • Wildlife: contact Austin Wildlife Rescue.  They have an intake center in Elgin.
  • Livestock: phone the Sheriff’s office.

Finding Lost Pets

  • Report the lost pet to the Bastrop County Animal Shelter and stop by the shelter to check for the pet every few days.
  • Join the Facebook Group for “Bastrop County Lost and Found Pets” and post your lost pet information there.
  • Post your lost pet information on other social media outlets such as NextDoor and Craigslist.
  • Report your lost pet using helpful apps such as Pawboost and Finding Rover.
  • Put signs up at the six busiest intersections near your house (don’t forget to take them down when you find your pet)
  • Ask your local veterinarians’ offices to post your lost pet information.
  • Watch these informative videos, courtesy of the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento.

    How to find a lost dog

    How to find a lost cat

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