Care Package Application
Foster Family Care Package Application

BCAS Helpers can provide one “Care Package” of food, litter, or other necessary pet supplies to help defray the cost of caring for your fosters.    We will have the products shipped to your home from the supplier (we do not keep food at the shelter due to limited space there).  In return, we ask that you provide us a photo of the products when you receive them, preferably with a foster animal in the photo, so we (and you!) can advertise the program and BCAS Helpers. Fill out the form below to request a Care Package.


  • This program is for the foster families hosting unadopted dogs or cats from the Bastrop County Animal Shelter. 
  • It is for foster animals who will be in the home for more than a couple of weeks due to health, injury, or age.  For example, litters of kittens or puppies.
  • It is for foster animals who are intended for adoption, not “foster fail” animals or animals whose foster families are keeping them in the home longer than necessary.
  • Only one Care Package per foster assignment.  For example, if you take a litter of puppies, you can receive one Care Package while those puppies are with you.

This program has a limited budget – we will continue providing Care Packages as our budget allows.  For this reason, we limit the amount spent per care package to approximately $50 and we limit care packages to 2 per foster home per year.  Please encourage donations to BCAS Helpers so we can further support foster animals!

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